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Make money online – Sell your items

 Since the idea of selling in the online market becomes a new trend, many people are curious about how to get started with their own products. Luckily, there are a variety of ways of selling stuff to make money online.

The following section is some suggested channels which may support you in online sales.

1. Amazon

selling on amazon

Talking about Amazon, it’s necessarily  to understand the term FBA which stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon”. Generally, it means that you ship your products to Amazon’s store.

When your products are sold online, Amazon’s responsibility will be packing them up, shipping them out and sending you the money after cutting an amount of commission.  By this way, it’s totally possible for you to make a living with Amazon.

2. eBay

Selling on Ebay

 Any article about selling online couldn’t ignore eBay which is considered to be a powerful tool to sell something on the internet. You can think about your products, set up your eBay store and just sell your stuff.

In this way, you just got to share  a fair amount with eBay. If you really want to get serious with eBay, maybe you would like to find a delivery company to help you ship the items to your customers.

3. Facebook

Selling on Facebook

 With Facebook, you can easily sell  your stuff with swap shops locally. It may be the most user-friendly tool among others as you just need a Facebook account, then look up for swap shops in your area and ask to join the group. Once you’ve done that, it means the mission is partly finished. Now you try to take attractive photos of your items, write descriptions and simply post it in the group. It couldn’t be easier to make a sale with this way.

4. Etsy

Selling on Etsy

Another suggestion is opening an Etsy store and it’s for free. This method is a right choice particularly if you’re interested in art or crafting, you will surely fall in love with Etsy. All you have to do is posting pictures of your masterpieces and start selling, keeping track of your inventory. Additionally, Etsy allows you to choose different payment options, but the most common is still PayPal. This site takes only a small fee of 3.5% for each purchase made by other users.

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