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How to make money online – with Blogs

You’re a great blogger and your site has hit a high traffic number, that’s time for you to earn income from that.  Here are several effective tips for you to make money with it.

1. Advertising

For sure you know about this way of earning money with blogs since it is it has been using for many years. This traditional way seems to be out of date but in fact, it is still powerful with many other variations. You can directly sell ad space on your blog to companies who wants to advertise their products. Or maybe you can sign up with a company like Google Adsense or Realkai to sell advertising spots through those platforms. One way or another, you will see a whole lot of money from ads when the amount of visitors to your blog is up to thousands per day.

Google AdSense - Ad NetworkRealKai - Ad Network

 2. Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing


“Affiliate marketing” means selling products in exchange for a commission. There are many affiliate networks including FlexOffers, Commission Junction, and… which allow you selling other people’s products and services.

It works very simply. For example, your blog has one right side space for advertising, you just to put a link or a banner on that space. If your blog’s visitor clicks through the ads and buys the product, you will get income from that. Of course you want to choose the suitable category of ads so that it would target right to your audience.

3. Products or Services

Selling ebook
Selling ebook

Use your blog as a way to promote your own product or service to reach to more customers. As long as your products bring true value and contribute to the benefit of group of people, you have a big chance to sell it with your blogs.

Products here could be your written eBook , a mobile application,  a computer software or a computer software. Services here can be a training program, dog coaching or Spanish tutor, etc.

4. Sponsored/ paid posts

Sponsored content

Bloggers earn quite a big amount of money for publishing sponsored and paid posts on their blogs. Those posts are aimed to promote a specific product or service of a particular brand. Once you successfully build up your traffic, you will get many offers from companies who want to buy the spot for the article on your site.

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