How to make money online with YouTube

You are thinking about how to make money online? Learning to master YouTube is one of the best decisions.

Youtube is currently the biggest video platform which allows users to create video and share with people from all around the world. It is one huge advantage that Youtubers can make use of it to earn money . Nowadays, many people become YouTube creators and they are able to get $2 to $4  return for every 1,000 views. That seems to be a great way to strengthen your proper budget. However, it’s never easy to implement the strategy as YouTube’s policies are applied to protect their users from bad actors. Monetization on YouTube won’t be able to turned on until its channel hit 10 thousand views. And that is one of the obstacles for YouTube users to make a living from YouTube.

Fortunately, there are many other methods which involve in YouTube to make money. Here are some suggested common technique that you can base on to creatively find out your own ways.

1. Get traffic to your blog or website by YouTube

Make money online with YouTube, Get traffic to your blog or website
Get traffic to your blog or website – First step to Make money online with YouTube

If  you already got a website or blog which you want to increase traffic, YouTube might  be a good choice. With the Creator  Playbook, you can create new videos to cover the old content in your website. There are zillions of interesting ways to deliver information to your audience. Just make sure that the link to your own website is in the first line of your video’s descriptions, so that it could raise the possibility your audiences are driven to the right place.

2. Promote your products on YouTube

If you have your own products and it has not well known yet, YouTube may be able to help you out. YouTube offers various tools for you to promote your products and make sales. Products here could be anything brings value to the customers. It could be ebooks about cooking, language, it could be a mobile app, art or music product.

You just need to find a feasible idea of a product, add them to a shopping cart then use YouTube to promote them. Remember to insert the link to your product in your video’s description so that visitors can buy.

 3. Become an affiliate marketer selling others’ products

From huge companies  such as Amazon or eBay to small businesses work with affiliate marketers to promote their products in exchange for a commission. You can set partnership with those companies which offer attractive deals in order to earn income from that. There are many affiliate networks such as ClickBank, ShareASale, Commission Junction…

Make money online with YouTube, Affiliate marketing with Youtube
Affiliate marketing with Youtube – Make money online with YouTube

4. Teaching anything with tutorials

 If  you know anything specifically and you want to share your knowledge with others, making tutorial videos would be the perfect choice. Thousand and thousand of topics for you to select but most popular ones maybe make-up tutorials, language teaching, cooking stuff…

Make money online with YouTube, Michael Phan with beauty tutorials on YouTube
Michael Phan with beauty tutorials on YouTube

5. Crowdfunding

If you have an incredible idea for a media extend and you don’t have adequate budget to implement the project,  crowdfunding on YouTube will become a brilliant choice in this case.  It helps you not only to raise your initial fund but also to build up audience and income for your venture in the future.

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